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On the Spree, builds Hartmannsdorf the gateway to Biosphere Unterspreewald. Here nest and breed rare animal and bird species, such as the black stork, kingfisher or the beaver. In the village every year successfully breed three pairs of white storks.

Hartmannsdorf forms an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling tours, individual boat trips and horseback riding.

Lübben - Lübbenau - Lehde

Explore Lübben on waterway by boat - or take part at a nightly guided tour with the night watchman.
The "Schlossinsel" at Lübben castle offers different recreation areas and playgrounds. Here you can find a sound park, labyrinth and a huge water-playground. In summer time the "Schlossinsel" is a stage for concerts and plays.
More information: www.luebben.de, www.spreewaldnachtwaechter.de, www.inselmusiksommer.de

Lübbenau and Lehde is about 12 km away from Lübben. A nice place is the historical museum in the village Lehde - a typical "Spreewald-village". Some of the original farms are just to reach by boat.

Burg - Schlepzig - Tropical Islands

Burg is the biggest commune in its expansion (55km²). A settlement with scattered buildings - obtained typical farms of the "Spreewald" area. 

Schlepzig is located in the north of Hartmannsdorf (8km). We prefer to go there by bike - along the carp ponds -  through gorgeous nature. In 1999 Schlepzig was voted to the "most beautiful village of Brandenburg".

Tropical Islands is Europe´s lagest tropical leisure world. At the Tropical Islands you will find white sand beaches, the world's largest indoor rainforest, a blue lagoon, the South Sea even with its islands, a complete tropical village, show and culture, sports and fun, all at a pleasant temperature of some 25°C. It's in the biggest self-supporting dome in the world!
More information: www.my-tropical-islands.com

Straupitz - Raddusch - Luckau

The double-tower of the famous Schinkel-church is forming the view of Straupitz.
Today the "Dutchman-windmill" is a technical monument. It was built in 1910 and is the last linseed oil mill of Germany.

The Slawenburg Raddusch shows the history of the region "Lausitz" from the beginning of Old Stone Age, 12.000 years ago to the Late Middle Ages. After 1.000 years, the Slawenburg was reopened in 2003.

Luckau is located about 17 km away from Lübben and has a obtained historical Old Town with the renovated "Nikolaichurch". In Luckaus surrounding (bout 5 km in the north) you will find a nice old farm - called "Höllberghof" - with "Dreiseitenhof", vivarium and exhibitions.